Sunday, November 30, 2008

Asus P320 Document Capabilities

There have been couple of questions / requests about the document capabilities of this mobile and I thought I'd share with you people out there with what is possible and what is not.

In brief , Office Mobile is bundled along with this device which has support for the following extensions files

document .doc
excel .xls
text .txt
powerpoint .ppt (viewer only)

Pdf does not have any built in support but it is possible to view such files.

First on what is already available

Start --> Programs --> Office Mobile

You should see the following icons to load the individual programs

On loading Excel Mobile, you will be able to open any xls file as show below

Keep in mind that it has very basic capability and it allows for entering information into cells and few calculations. Don't expect to do much though I haven't tried too much myself.

On loading Word Mobile , you will be able to open any doc / txt as show below

Its a good option to take notes especially if you turn on transcriber to translate your handwriting. You can save you files as well.

On loading Powerpoint , you will be able to open any ppt /pps as show below.

The major difference between powerpoint and the other applications is that you CANNOT create a ppt or even edit one, I could only get to be able to view the ppt. It automatically rotated the screen to the landscape for a better view. On finishing it rotates back to the normal view.

For pdf files, there is no in built support but there is an application called pocketxpdf located here

It has a 1MB size and can be installed on the storage card as well. On installation you should find the icon at

Start --> Programs --> PocketXpdf

On selecting open you will get the list of pdf files that can be opened

On opening the required file ...

It allows for basic functionality such as zoom, rotating, find etc

Hope you find this helpful, the main article is linked here

If you find this useful do drop me a comment would love to hear from you, if your feeling generous you could donate a dollar via paypal


  1. hey can u explain how to update firmware in detail... i dint get anytin out of the procedure written in the zip file....
    i have a 4 gig san disk micro sd...

  2. Dear Shashi, sorry for the late reply, but I have only read up on the procedure and have not done it on my own. I needed to go to the service center and guy there just popped in his SD card and rebooted my phone.
    It copied the files to the phone and loaded / rebooted a couple of times before it was up and running.
    If your not clear and haven't tried it yet best bet would be to buzz their help desk ...