Monday, November 3, 2008

Asus P320 Review Information

I know that there are hundreds of pages that would appear while googling this phone. A large bunch of them just give statistics about the dimensions / hardware / OS. Some of them even wrong unfortunately.

The objective of this blog is to put together all the stuff I have grasped being an owner of the Asus P320 all the other users / potential users out there who are planning to pick this phone up. What all can you do with this phone, and more importantly how to do it.

A lot of what you would read here would be available on the comments section of gsmarena but I hope this would be a lot easier for a user to access the information rather than scouring the 30 plus pages that already exist.

have tried to make each part a bit detailed so do skip to parts you feel are relevant to you ..


The best place for these details would be the Gsmarena page for the phone. This would be available here

The important points not mentioned on the above page according to me are the following

1. It doesn't have support for 3G, not to relevant to people in India as 3G is still not available to the subscribers and will definitely take some time.

2. It doesn't have a 3.5 mm audio jack or a 2.5 mm audio jack. The audio jack for this phone is co located with the mini usb charging slot so you could do only one if you haven't purchased a splitter that allows you to plug in both.

3. The external card works upto 8 GB without any issues, haven't heard of any people trying with 16GB but no reason why it should not work. Please also remember that Kingmax ( not Kingston) cards have capability issues with this phone as reported by some users, so probably a good idea to avoid.

4. There is no FM radio on this model.


Yes this found supports it, questions have been asked about it too many times. The phone is equiped with a Sirf Star III chipset that supports GPS.

You do not need anything external for the GPS to work.
You do not need to plug in anything.
You do not need to pay anything to use GPS.

You do however need to have a clear view to the sky for it to pick up the satellites. So its unlikely for it to work from inside a building.
It takes sometime ( upto 10 minutes) to lock onto the satellites so please give it some time.

Maps / Navigation Software

Most importantly you need a program that will use your hardware to plot your location on a map. Yes its the most important part and its missing on the device. There are various options such as Nav4All, Mapmyindia, Googlemaps. Some of them have the maps as part of the install, the other download them on the fly depending on where you are using GPRS / EDGE / Wifi.

Google maps is free but you need to have internet access else it won't work. The others need to be bought.

Also note, the GPS Catcher that comes with the phone is an application that only downloads the locations of the satellites, this helps the above mentioned programs to find the satellites faster. It is NOT a program to view your location etc.


The Asus P320 supports GPRS and EDGE where ever available. Please remember that usage of data in these two methods are typically NOT free. There will be a charge by your serive provider to use / download information using these capability.
Typically if you subscribe to the service, you provider would send across an sms that would auto configure the settings and you should be good to go for either internet explorer / Google Maps etc

Wifi supports both b/g. So if you have a wireless router you could switch on the wifi on the Asus P320 surf without having to pay your provider for GPRS access. All application that require an internet connection work seemlessly in both environments with the Wifi typically working much faster due to faster speed of your internet connection.
The Wifi supports connections to secure wireless networks as well, you will need your security key to connect. Once connected , it locally caches the network key so you do not need to reenter the key everytime you want to connect the network.

Activesync via the USB connector,
The normal wired active sync creates a small 2 system LAN with your device acting as a DHCP service assigning a for the handheld and a for the computer. This can be checked in the networks page, it will be a LAN type of connection. Ideally it should not take more than 10 seconds for this to happen. You will be able to sync only to the PC that you have connected too. Activesync 4.5 ( the version bundled) no longer supports capability to sync across a network due to security issues. This issue is for Windows mobile in general and not limited to this particular model :)

Bluetooth works with for sending / receiving files. For receiving you need to make the following setting change to accept incoming beam as shown in the figure below.

You can also carry out active sync via bluetooth. To carry this out open ActiveSync, from the Menu option select Connect Via Bluetooth. If an existing connection to your computer does not exist. It will ask you to establish a new connection. Once you now pair your device you should be able to carry out Active Sync via bluetooth.

Couple of problems I have faced that have caused this not to work. The incoming port for Activesync could cause problems preventing the incoming connection if pairing has not happened properly. In this case make sure that the Secure connection for Activesync has been set to Not required. You can reach this screen by right clicking the bluetooth icon in the task bar and selecting Advanced configuration. Check the image below

Being a Windows device , you could also use application like Total Commander to enable LAN access as well as FTP, will detail this out separately later on.

Firmware Versions

The mobile initially shipped with the following Firmware
ROM 4.8.0_0612_WWE

The next release was
ROM 4.10.0_0718_WWE

The Current available firmware upgrade is
ROM 4.13.0_WWE which is available from the Asus website here

I would recommend upgrading to the latest firmware, I am currently on the 4.10 version I have seen better battery performance, higher stability in the overall usage. Others users have also stated similar benefits. Please remember when you upgrade the ROM you will lose all of the following

1. Contact Information
2. Application Settings
3. Messages
4. Installed Applications
5. Other data stored in the ROM

The install instructions would be available in the download, please follow them carefully.

Input Options

The device comes with the following options for inputting as do all other Windows Mobile Phones

1. Block Recognizer
2. Keyboard
3. Letter Recognizer
4. Transcriber

The expectation is to use the stylus for all these forms of inputs. There are additional third party keyboards that could be downloaded and installed as well, with some mimicking the iphone input.

I use one called Phonepad, it simulates the T9 that I am so used too , and also allows me to type messages without the need of the stylus.

This is available here for download


I have added this section based on the feedback that this is a cause of concern for everyone using this phone. I do understand as even I felt the battery life is really sad but with proper settings you can get upto two days of use with this phone for normal usage. Will detail out the steps in terms of settings to help you achieve this sort of capability.

First you need to make changes to your Back light Setting. This can be reached by
Start ---> Settings ---> System Tab ---> Backlight

Make sure that you make a similar selection to turn off backlight if device is not used for 1 -2 minutes.

This setting for the external power tab is not important but would definitely help charge you phone faster plus save your screen as well.

Next you need to make changes to your brightness setting. This can be found in the below location.

Start ---> Settings ---> System Tab ---> Brightness

Make sure you reduce the Brightness to a level you are comfortable using. The lower you go the better the battery will last. For external power it does not matter much.

Finally you need to make changes to the power setting. This can be found in the following location.

Start ---> Settings ---> System Tab ---> Power ---> Advanced Tab

Its is extremely important to ensure that this is done otherwise the battery gets drained really soon. You need to check the box to Turn off device if not used for 2-3 minutes. Please remember that this does not mean your phone is completely switched off, you can still receive calls. As soon as a call / message is received it powers back on.


What good is a phone without proper support for the same, I unfortunately did run into some problem with my phone which the Asus service center in Bangalore quickly sorted it out. The contact details of the Bangalore service center is here

Please note its different from whats available in the Asus site as they have not updated the contact details for this particular center. For the remaining centers the details are available here though am not sure if there are all still valid.

If you do find this useful do drop me a line. Also incase you want me to add something to the blog. I will be adding in useful application on a subsequent blog.

Firmware Upgrade

Have added in details of how to upgrade your phone as a separate blog here

Reset Options

Have added in details of how to reset your phone as a separate blog here

Windows Mobile 6.5 Upgrade

Have added in details of how to upgrade your phone with various builds as a separate blog here

IMEI Problems

Have added in details of how to solve any IMEI issue as a separate blog here

Internet Access

Have added in details of how to connect to the internet as a separate blog here


Have added in details of options / Requirement of Anti Virus as a separate blog here

Tweaks : Mail on SD card

Have added in details of moving mails and attachments to the SD card as a separate blog here

Web Camera Capability

Have added in details of using this device as a web camera as a separate blog here

Document Capability

Have added in details of what document capabilities exist on this mobile for xls / doc / txt / ppt /pdf files as a separate blog here

The applications I plan to review for this phone are the following

1. Pointui

2. S2P

3. My Mobiler

4. Total Commander

5. Registry Editor

6. Bluetooth Remote

Coming Soon ....

so do bookmark / follow this blog and come back sometime. Also do spread the word of this site to other users out there ! If your feeling generous you could donate a dollar :)


  1. a very good review. it must have been a pain taking work for you. i know its pretty hard.

    there's nothing much that i would like to add bt do join us in orkut to help each other out.

    love ur keyboard layout :D

  2. Hi There,
    Please post articles on battery conservation, and about other usable softwares.

  3. Hi there,

    Really great and useful site, with a very well presented overview.

    Some suggestions for the upcoming topics that most new users would be dying to know...

    1. How to connect to wifi and avoid connecting to GPRS...
    2. How to view/download You tube and other online video sites...
    3. How to minimise battery consumption.
    4. How to optimise device memory.
    5. How to download ringtones/themes.

    Cheers and Best Wishes !!!
    From Surfer 88 ( A fellow P320 user )

  4. hey vikram.. really great blog... really helps.. fellow p320 users...
    I got my phone 2 weeks back..
    even me facing problems wid the battery.. doesnt lasts more than bout 14 hrs with really minimal use after full charging.. anything can be done to rectify it??
    and can i knw where can i get screen guard for p320 in bangalore?? no shop is having it..
    gps system is really cool wid google maps.. accuracy is 75-80% for 'my location'..
    im using airtel gprs.. works quite fine..

  5. @above,

    mapking2007 is a recommended software for GPS. i'm using in delhi and is about 95% accuracy. hyderabad map is about 90% bt loads of speeling error.... googlemaps is good bt without gprs, its a total nono...

    i'm using a screen guard (paid Rs 100) which is meant for N95. it fits well! a chinese company and so far its not bad... and they say its 100% japanese material lol. its been a month now.

  6. bluetooth transfering is a problem... it all comes to phone memory.. so not able to transfer many files at a time.. and also does not have the option of sending multiple files via bluetooth.. r there ny softwares for the same ??

  7. Hi, this solution posted by one of our users is of a software called Obex inbox. Haven't tried it but you load it and configure the setting to receive at your required location.

    Found here ... Haven't tried it yet ...

  8. wts its price yaar...

  9. For a short write up on Obex :

    Nice resource here for p320 owners :)

  10. Actualy i got a few questions bout this phone...
    1) The camera software provided by Asus do not have any option to review the just captured photo. The only option is to open Windows Pictures and Photos. Any idea of how to get at least a 3 seconds review after photo shoot?

    2) The storage memory is low. Is there any option and how can i remove the Asus Today (which no use for me) and the Theme Manager? I would rather install the .tsk by myself...

    Other than this, P320 is a great phone, consider its price, size and functions avaialable.


    btw, for the bluetooth receiving of files, besides using Obex Inbox, can also try to google for a software called moBlue.. this is a greate piece of software for WM machines...


  11. Vikram,

    Very good review. I am sure this should have taken more time / efforts for you. Thanks for posting them and it was very useful.

  12. camera quality is not tht gud for 2mp.. can ny1 tell the optimal settings for takingdecent pics..
    and where can i download mapking 2007 for free... im finding only paid versions..

  13. Im having a problem with storage memory.. its showing low storage memory.. even though my max applications n files r in memory card... I dnt knw where does the storage memory gets filled up.. can find ny useless files eating the memory.. pls help because of this my handset has become really slow...

  14. Regarding Mapking, I would assume torrents / rapidshare would be your best bet. Haven't tried though. Regarding your storage memory problem, you have to remember that its windows at the base. If you run windows on your desktop you probably realize that your c:\windows directory keeps growing regardless where you choose to install your programs. The best thing to do for this is after playing around with all your programs decide on the ones you want, reset and load only those. Settings get lost which could be a pain if you have customized things a lot ! Hope that helps ...

  15. On reading the blog, I think the phone is overall good. However, can you tell me on how is the signal strenght. I heard from some people that signal strenght is poor and it needs to be soft boot every 2-3 days, is that true? Can you please let me know. My email id is Overall, do you think at around Rs10,500 plus 1300 for 2GB memory, it is value for money?

  16. Hi Vikram,
    Can i connect to internet on the laptop using the p320 gprs

  17. hey one help.
    Are these mapking maps free ?

  18. I install a game thru a CAB file. But i didnt like it now. Is there any way to uninstall it.

  19. Mumbai, Phone cost Rs. 10250 + 2 GB Nokia card Rs. 250

  20. Will try to address couple of the questions.

    First, it should be possible to connect to the internet using GPRS, have not yet tried it but basically you need to set up dial up networking after pairing the device, it should add a bluetooth modem in your pc, then what you need to do is set up a normal dial up connection. Please note that this is independent of using your computer with activesync.

    To unistall any programs, go to

    Start --> Setttings --> System tab ---> Remove Programs

    You should be able to uninstall from here.

    Mapking is not free, but pirated version would be able if your able to find it.

  21. guys, can any one point me to the pirated version of mapking/satguide/mapmyindia maps ?

  22. Have checked out how to connect to the internet from this phone, have detailed out that here

    Bluetooth Modem is not applicable on this handset ....

  23. HI VIkram,

    looks like u have opened this blog only for P320! ur detailed post is superb! can you tell us about pda functions like word, excel, ppt and pdf files? it is capable of opening any big pdf and word docs?? i guess it should open text files. and what about html files?

    i plan to buy a PDA to replace my laptop. all i need is the above files o be accessed. \as it supports upto 8GB i will dump my docs and i dont need my laptop

  24. guys i found Mapking maps on torrents, indian and other world cities

  25. Very Good information on P320. How good is email connectivity? Can i download my corporate email hosted on Microsoft exchange server via GRPS as well as WiFi.

  26. @above, Yes it would work, I unfortunately can't use the Email capability coz my server is behind the VPN but the capability is similar for SMS where all the folder exist in the same microsoft format as outlook.

  27. @Vijay, While the Mobile excel works well, it according to me would never be able to replace a laptop. The capability of Mobile Excel / Word is quite limited and good for viewing and basic editing, it would never be possible to create pivot tables / visual basic macros etc :)

    For pdf you will need an additional viewer to be installed but yes it would work ...

    If you look at augmenting you laptop experience I think its a good choice.

  28. I am trying to upgrade my firmware to P320_V4_13_0_V49_V1101_WWE After follwing instruction when I am restarting my ASUS P320 it is giving me message as "TFTP USB DOWNLOAD!!!! Insert USB cable !!!!"

    Any idea why ?

  29. @Sudhir, best bet would be to get the numbers of the Asus Royal Club posted above and give them a buzz if you haven't already done that ...

  30. How to Protect Screen of ASUS P320...Can we use any protective case

  31. Hi Vikram,

    This is Gaurang Nice Blog DUDE
    I hace some doubts over PDF reader i tried using foxit as well as other but cant view PDF files (for ARM processor)

    pls paste some url for downloading pdf reader for this mobile , if u have !!!

    Thanks in advance !!!

  32. @Gaurang

    Have detailed it in a separate post, check it out, link available in the blog above towards the end, pocketxpdf

  33. any idea about a good video player that runs on it? i cudnt get TCPMP workin on it..

  34. hi, i'm having the same problem as s.H.a.S.h.I regarding memory. when i unzipped my file i didn't know where it was stored and i tried looking for it but end up a failure now my phone is so slow. please help XD

  35. i just figured it out. it is saved in the Temp folder. sorry to bother you ^_^

  36. can some1 temme how to connect the wifi???i v tried all settings possible but cant seem to get it to work!

  37. For people who have have lost files and need help in finding it, use this program called MemMaid, it helps clearing up extra programs, registry entries etc, I will blog about it in some time.

    Regarding the wifi problem, your best bet is to use the wireless manager, I have never had a problem with it.

  38. Vikram,
    You're doing a wonderful job here. This blog gave me the true idea of the p320 before buying it, and I got it yesterday. And there are no surprises I see. The phone is proving very good for my use. tried mapmyindia - working great, in portrait mode. I tried using it in my car!! firmware is still 4.10, planning to move to 4.13
    Keep up the good work going. Thank you very much. Yes, I clicked all the ads in the page!! ;)

  39. Hi! Very nice and usefull blog!!!
    I also have a problem with "Storage memory". I know, that there are some special programs, for this phone, but do you know another way, to solve this important problem!

  40. Which is the best antivirus (good if free :) for ASUS P320?

  41. @ Sudhir / @ Antivirus , I have blogged about it separately over here ...

    It has also been linked in from the main article

  42. hi, you must have really worked hard for such an great information. i just wan to know wether p-320 has any option like copy all contact to phonebook from sim,(as given in nokia handsets.)

  43. hi,
    I have always used symbian phones but i want to try a windows phone,as i ve just purchased one phone so want to spend less for buying another phone,
    plz suggest should i buy this phone or not,
    many people are complaining about this phone but the blog mentioned here has given good remarks about P320,
    or should i try another phone

  44. @abhishek

    The best way to do that would be to install nokia manager and backup/ sync your contact information with Outlook.
    Once you have done that, using activesync that comes with any windows' mobile phone you can restore all the contact information on your phone from Outlook...
    HTH !

    It isn't the best windows phone out there but I have been happy with it after using it for a couple of months in terms of functionality and price. You best bet would be to first figure out what you want to use the phone for , then see your budget and decide.

  45. Thanks for the advise,I am already using a new N series phone,
    Just want to use one windows os phone also for getting the feel of this OS,and thats why I don t want to spend much
    I was about to buy HTC 3400 but saw this phone and shifted my focus towards this phone,
    To buy a high end phone I ll have wait for a year so wanted your candid advice should i buy this phone or not secondly wanted to know whether is it possible to send sms or forward sms to multiple contacts/group with this phone because this is a high requirement area for me
    thanks again

  46. @raj

    Its probably the best entry level WinMobile phone and you could definitely get used to the interface of Windows 6.1 with this phone. Do keep in mind that Windows 7 may release in 2010 which could change the functionality :)

    Regarding the sms, you can definitely send to multiple contacts, about the multiple user groups I haven't tried.

  47. Hi. Nice review there. I'm a prospective buyer and was really interested in hearing more about the voice quality and network reception.

    Personally, my experience with Symbian smartphones (6681 and N80) has been really bad when it comes to network reception...they were cool, they were fun, but places where a puny 3315 would show full network, they were always short of network. That's why I'm still on a non-smartphone (dumbphone?) today and would love to know about the reception on this baby, from an actual user like you.


    PS: You might consider for hosting this review for the simple reason that blogs hosted on Wordpress score way above Blogspot in Google search results ... and your blog post here definitely deserves better ranking.

  48. after your explanation i ll surely buy this phone,
    is this your only blog or you ve else as well,you ve explained things in a very nice fashion,
    ps-could you help me with few sites where i can get apps 4 this phone

  49. @atul

    The Voice quality I can vouch for, I am quite happy, it works quite decently on speaker as well. Regarding network, I can't say much as I had crossed over from CDMA to GSM with this phone. Its not got the strongest signal catcher out there coz at times in lifts I lose signal but a few other phones manage but on the other end it isn't that I'm on zero and the others are on full :)
    Would request other users to post who could compare the two better with the same network.

    Regarding the wordpress part, thank you for vote of confidence :) Ironically one of the reason I choose blogspot was that is was a Google product and would score better on their search :)

    glad to help, do keep in mind that the larger stores keep these models on display so you could always play around first hand prior to purchase.
    About what else I write I do have another small tech related blog @

    Regarding applications do try searching at , ,

  50. Hi Vikram, I am really happy that someone is here to help me out. I really needed a strong advice. I ve been really attracted towards this phone from the past few days. I used to use a motorola L6 before.
    I dont want my money to go waste, that is why i am asking you to advice me before taking it.The only thing which is stopping me is that ppl in dis blog and elsewhere are complaining about the poor battery and the phone getting hung. Is it so? can anything be done because i really wish to buy the phone.
    I am an Engg Student, I will be needing the phone to use msn, wi fi and other multimedia applications. I am waiting for your reply. Please reply asap because i wana make the decision fast. Thankyou!

  51. can some one please tell me is there voice recording feature in Asus P320? & at a time for how much time i can do recording continuously? i wish to buy this mobile kindly give me your expert openion.
    this is umesh & E-mail ID :- &
    i need your help with regards
    thank you

  52. @tanuj

    Like I have mentioned in the blog above, the battery is not great and if your going to use wifi plus multimedia, it will drain quickly so be prepared.

    It does hang once in a while but I wouldn't blame the phone, it a windows problem.

    Whether to buy or not, no one can make that decision for you, the blog is to detail my experience of the phone to help you make a more informed choice. All the best

    @anon above
    yes its possible to use your phone as a recorder if that is what you were asking. The limit in this case would be the size of your memory card.

  53. Anybody have any idea about the WLAN driver series in ASUS P320?

    I am trying to connect WPA2_Enterprise authendicated framework. Cisco is providing Enhanced Wi-Fi Companion (e-WFC) client but need to know the exact WLAN series for which it will be compatible with.

    iPhone with new firmware is already providing this kind of support. Checking with ASUS P320 connectivity possibility. Thanks in advance :)

  54. @ Sudhir,

    Interesting stuff, if you get some info do post here, I would definitely add it in ....

  55. it is a good phone but i feel that htc touch is a better option
    better ram/touch flo makes it a better option

  56. i received some files from bluetooth to my asus p320 but i cant file where the file save.where can i find it?tks :)

  57. Hi Vikram,

    I just bought my Asus P320 in Pune at Rs 11000 + 4GB data card for Rs 500. Got the scratch resistant screen for free.

  58. I was wondering how I will convert all the SIM contacts to the Asus Contacts. It is possible to select an individual contact and do this, but I have about 500 to transfer.

  59. What is the size of phone's internal memory as all the bluetooth files are stored in phone memory only

  60. I have received few songs thru bluetooth from other mobile to my Asus P320. But i couldn't able to locate the songs in my mobile after the transfer. Not sure in which folder the files will get stored. Now my free phone memory is 0.93 MB, hence i couldnt able to receive my files.

    Please help me to find the missing files and clear my phone memory.

  61. @ mrbalaje / anon

    The bluetooth files get stored at the My Documents folder of your phone's memory. You can move it using the File manager. If you receive a lot of files plan to install obex inbox, its talked about earlier in the comments.

    the size is about 30MB for storage, as I have just mentioned, move the files to your SD card or use obex inbox to directly receive files to your SD card.

    The contacts from the SIM card also flow automatically into Outlook upon Sync. Once you get it onto your computer you could change your sim and get them to get stored on your device.

    Cheers !

  62. The contacts do not get copied automatically. I sync-ed it with outlook but got nothing.

    After some search on the internet, I found (Jeyo Mobile Companion 2.1). It solves the problem of copying the SIM contacts into P320.

  63. This blog rocks!

    The Phonepad & PointUI are too good. They run just fine on my Asus P320 running Win mobile 6.1.

    I configured the WiFi for my BSNL connection at home and got the Google maps to run. This made me go crazy....Just typed in Dominos and I got all of them in a 5 Km radius on the map. It also listed them with add & contact details. It showed the "Call" hotlink for the tel numbers found.

    "Yahoo Go" is mem-hog. Uninstalled it after some painful hours.

    Asus P320 has changed my life...atleast the last 3 days!

  64. could any of the friends help me with the correct price of this set,
    Online it is available for about 10k but in shops i.e croma it is costing Rs 12900

  65. HEy Vikram, I am Glad to tell you that after doing a lot of research and checking out for reviews, I hav finally bought the phone. Could you please tell me how do i connect my p320 to wifi. i have a small wifi network at home. Waiting for your guidance.

  66. How I can remove the useless Asus Today and Theme Manager? They eat up too many Storage Memory...

  67. Is it possible to have conference call with P320?
    I ve gone thru the manual and there is no mention of conference calling,only thing they ve mentioned is call swap and forward

  68. Hi Vikram, I did checked "My Documents" apart from empty folder and templates there is nothing in it. Is there any way i can check the big size folder in phone memory.

    Also i tried installing phonepad using the cab file in the link, but it is giving the message as "Unable to install"

  69. @anon
    I haven't tried to remove the Asus today. If you do have some luck do post back here for others ...

    My understanding of the conference is that more than the device it needs to be supported by your telecom provider. Typically by pressing some keys you get another dial tone whereby you could dial and conference. Do let us know

    Others have been able to easily install the software, you probably have run out of space. Try installing it on the storage card when the option pops up. Also you could search for large files using the following

    Start --> Settings --> System Tab --> Memory

    There will be a find link at the bottom.

  70. @ajay
    As vikram said, conference call needs to be supported by telecome provider too. I use vodafone and used conference call facility quite often. Its very simple, put the active call on hold, click on contacts to dial the second number. Once the second call is on, click on Menu and conference.


  72. @Tanuj

    Go to the following location

    Start --> Settings --> Connection Tab --> Wifi

    In the menu option, select the Turn On Wi-fi
    You should now be able to see all the wi-fi networks in range,
    Select your network and move to next screen, if your network is secured then you need to enter the network key in this screen and select next. Select Finish. You should be connected to the wifi network now and have access to resources on the same
    HTH !

  73. Hello, I have gone through the contents of this site and I really appreciate for the efforts put in to building such a helpful one.

    I am facing a unique problem of listing of contacts in my P320. Some of the SIM contacts are listed twice eventhough there is only one. If you delete one the other also vanishes. Can any one faced such a problem ? If yes, how to get this corrected.
    Thanks in advance.
    Regards, T K Mohan - Mumbai.

  74. Thank You for detailed description.

  75. vikram,
    i found some mobile games online and downloaded as winzip file. But i couldnt open it in my phone, is there anyway that i can convert it or no way to install the game?tks

  76. Hi Vikram,

    Will the contacts & notes will be deleted when we click on Default Settings to clean the files which we stored in the phone.

  77. Hi Vikram,

    Firstly thanks for this detailed well versed knowledge base for P320. :-)
    I am planning to gift myself this model as a new year gift :-)) Just wanted to check a thing before I zero down to this model.
    My copany uses MS Exchange email server. Can this phone stand good to work with MS Exchange? Can i configure the Outlook in it to recieve/send emails from my corporate account?

    Please guide me if this phoen would be a good choice for me.

    Thanks in advance

  78. dude, big help. am considering buying this phone primarily for two things - 1. to take quick notes during meetings (ms word) and 2. dictaphone to record long narrations which i can later transfer and save onto my laptop. the word bit i'm not concerned about, apparently the handwriting recognition software will also be a big help, but ive been told that for the dictaphone to be able to record long narrations, ill need to download a software because the phone settings allow only a minute or so of recording. im a bit of a tech unsavvy person, so help!

  79. Hi Guys,

    Need little help. Can I load blackberry software on this phone. And is this phone better than HTC 3400?

  80. @anon regarding games
    I have just installed one or two, the games need to specifically be made for Windows Mobile, it would either be in a cab form which can be installed directly on the phone. It could also be in the exe form which could run on the phone.
    Some of them would install an application on your computer which would trigger the cab installation through activesync.

    I haven't tried it but from what I have read Default settings is as good as a hard reset hence your contacts / notes will definitely get wiped out

    Blackberry does not work on Windows mobile, its a customer OS so you would not be able to load that software here, its possible the author could have created a separate version for Windows Mobile, you should check

    Your right you will need a software for recording voice, there was another mention of it on blog do check. You can also just google the same and find something you like. It uses the external storage so there is technically no limit on the amount you can store.

    @Symantak Pati
    The phone does support exchange / pop email. Make sure that your server is accessible via the internet. For example my office mail server is on the office intranet hence I cannot access my office mail from this phone. I however can access my gmail once configured!


  81. Hi,

    I wanted to buy this phone and contacted the dealers listed in Asus website. However, all the dealers I contacted are dealing in computers and not Asus phones. Moreover these phones are not available at the Hotspot stores. Can someone pls tell me where to buy this phone in Gurgaon or in central Delhi

  82. Thanks a lot Vikram for your valuable comments. Can you guide me one more thing also. please. Is the touch keypad stands good? Do you feel that it-would-have-been-better ifit had a hardware qwerty keyboard

  83. Hi,

    When i connect my P320 with laptop thru usb cable and open the ActiveSync and click on connect, it giving me a message saying device not detected. Is there any settings needs to be changed. Pls help...

  84. very good post and blog.

  85. I am having asus p320. I am able to connect to wi-fi. But I am not able to connect to internet via wi-fi. Whenever I open IE, it immediatly starts dialing & asks for a GPRS connection. I even tried changing the settings to 'WORKPLACE'. Can u help?


  86. Hello,

    This was in continuation to my ealier comment 1st Jan 2009 in which i had mentioned some problems with the contacts display. I contacted the ASUS support in Bangalore and based on their advise, upgraded the ROM version to 4.13 and the problem got solved.

    best regards,
    T K Mohan - Mumbai.

  87. @Mohan

    Thanks for the update !

    There is no reason why that should happen. The wifi just establishes a network connection. I would recommend that you try pinging your phone from another machine that is connected to see if the wifi has established a usable connection. The GPRS will trigger only if an existing connection to the net does not exist.

    @Syamantak Pati
    Its a personal choice, I prefer it without the keypad as it allows for a bigger screen.

    @anon connection problem
    Check when you plug in the cable into the computer whether the LAN connection takes place. Run ipconfig/all on your computer and see if a connection exists with the following address 192.168.2.x exists. This is the ip assigned by the phone's activesync.

  88. hi VIKARAM, i can connect the phone to the wifi network very easily. thanks for the support. the only thing is that it drains the battery very quickly. now i have a few more queries.
    1.- how do i use the gps on my mobile, is mapking a freeware software.
    2.- What would be the approx. charges of using gps?
    3.- What is the meaning of firmware. should i download the latest one from the asus website and upgrade it on my mobile?

  89. Hi Vikram,

    As you suggested i tried, when i connect the cable to the computer the LAN connection doesnt take place and I also checked the IP address, which states

    How should i enable it?

  90. What are the settings for GPS when you use Google MAPS???

  91. hi vikram .. this is aashish here .. just a small qstn.. i am using a noika e51 .. will i be able to transfer the msgs from my nokia handset to Asus P320

  92. Hi Guys,

    I was interested in buying this phone but have read in other forums about the network problem which some of the users are facing. I am not sure if this is the phone or service provider (telcom operator) issue. Would appreciate if you guys, being the users, can share your views on this... thanx in advance..

  93. @anon sms

    Interesting question. Apparently it isn't all that easy to move your sms around from phones without having to send them to yourself. You could try Jeyo Mobile Extender located here

    @anon Google maps
    set it to automatic in the options, there is no configuration that is required.

    GPS is free. Mapking is not free. You need a map software to use GPS, you just have the hardware currently.

    @anon connection problem
    hope you have got it sorted out, why don't you try via bluetooth or on another system it could be an activesync problem on your computer ..

  94. Really nice Blog About P320 looking at this blog only I had decided to buy this phone.
    Thanks a lot.Would need more help from your side once I get my hands on this phone.

  95. hey guys, any ASUS store in kolkata?? Wanna buy P320. Have option for buying P527 / P526 / P525 but doesnt make much sense as it has 200Mhz processor only. Any suggestions/opinions.

  96. hi,
    got myself a new p320 from ebay and thanks to this site and all of u it is smooth sailing till now

  97. Recently bought Asus p320 in Bangalore. Now I am looking for Flip case for the mobile. Could some one suggest where I will get the same.


  98. HI vikram, I had asked you about the updation of the firmware of the mobile, which has to be downloaded from the asus website. i am still waiting for u to guide me through it. thankyou.

  99. I just got this phone
    I forgot what firmware I have but 8G SDHC doesnt work. I emailed the asus csr, here is their reply:

    Thanks for your feedback.

    For your problem,I am sincerely sorry to tell you after upgrading the latest firmware,the phone can not still support 8G SDHC card,and only support 2G SD and 4G SDHC card.Hope you understand.

  100. Santhosh- Hi!vikram I just wanted your help regarding the email in Asus p320. When i configure my gmail in p320 and download mails the mails are getting saved in phone memory instead of mnemory card, inspite of me choosing the memory card option.

  101. hi,

    thanks a lot for this blog, as recently purchased the phone and have found this blog very helpful ...keep up the good work..

  102. When my P320 shows 40-45% battery remaining, and I receive a call, it switches off after 10 mins.. Does this happen with everyone? Or have I been cheated (I bought it from ebay)?

    Pls help, i have changed all setting as mentioned.. Is there a service center in Delhi?

  103. Dear Vikram,
    Thanks to your blog, I've purchased P320 from eBay @ 9290 and 8GB Sandisk card for 1100.
    GPS, GPRS, WiFi, Handwriting recognition, Asus Today are fantastic.
    MGMaps would be a better option to Mapking in my opinion. Saving maps of a selected area & zoom levels is easy with
    Some probs which I faced:-
    1) SIM card numbers can't be copied en masse onto Phone Contacts
    2) No way to MOVE "My Documents" folder onto storage card so that personal data will be automatically stored onto card
    3) Running short of Storage & Programme memory on Phone very rapidly, causing phone to slow down drastically and programs to hang
    4) Folder sizes not visible
    Do let me know if there is any solution to these probs. Can any other software be used to automatically save all files to memory card?
    Thanks in advance.
    Dr. Vivek Patil

  104. I bought this phone (Asus P320) 15 days ago, It may be too early to comment, without any additional memory/software the phone works great. It is value for money. My colleagues indicate that they have paid close to 21k to get HTC phone with similar features. The touch screen is too good and far better than HTC touch. Gives reasonable backup time with Wifi, but without Wifi it gives excellent battery backup. I guess as long as if we dont dump it with too many softwares, it should satisfy your business needs fantastically.

  105. Excellent Job Dude.

    God Bless you for the good work started and rest..... for continuing it.

    Dear Fellow P320 Users and Visitors of this blog ."Please Advice"

    Can any suggest lowest price & shop in New Delhi /Gurgaon with or without Micro MC Card.

    Lowest I could find was rediff shopping offering @ 9999/- with 7 days shipping.

    Would appreciate an urgent reply on

    Thanks is Advance.


  106. @ Everyone,

    Am really sorry, haven't been in town for sometime hence could not moderate the comments section.

    @ Tanuj
    Am sorry, I wish I could give detailed steps but I haven't done it myself (got it done from the service center), request other users to help with the steps to upgrade the firmware. I will add it in here. S.H.A.S.H.I. had asked me earlier, if you figured it out do let me know. Best bet if you don't want to get bothered, backup your stuff, make a short trip to the service center and get it upgraded, it takes 10 minutes ....

    @ hkingkong
    Unfortunate to hear that, I have discussed with users on the gsmarena forum that have successfully worked with 8GB. Hope its not the manufactured capability as there is another comment above of someone using the 8GB card.

    My understanding is that the way the phone stores mails is that only the attachments have the option of being directed to the storage card. Not the entire mail itself. Do correct me if I am wrong ...

    @ Vicky Bahl
    It should not happen, could be a defective battery. Do get it checked out before 6 months of purchase as the warranty on the battery runs in that time. There should be a service center in Delhi, do refer to the service section for details....

    @ Dr. Vivek Patil
    for the contacts issue, another user had the same problem and gave the following recommendation, you could check it out. Make sure all application are installed on the datacard except the one that would be continuously running i.e. Pointui.

  107. Vikram,Yup u r right. Only the attachments can be stored in the memory card. I just wanted to know if there's any application to make sure the e-mails are stored in memory card, like its there for bluetooth.

  108. Have been using a 8Gb storage card for a while fine.But the system hangs often .( still using the .10 ver)I agree that mapmyindia works far better than mapking But i find google maps with GPS quite good and light.

  109. dear Dr Patil, just curious did you get the bill for the phone from the seller in EBay (mine is dodging and refusing to send the bill as promised)

  110. do help me out if sum one has found out a third party s/w to copy contacts from sim to phone and vice versa....jeyo isnt functional

  111. When I tried to reboot the phone recently, I am getting the message as tap the screen to align. But after that align screen, I dont know how to see my Asus main screen. Can someone help me.

    Becoz of this issue i am not to use my Asus P320, i am currently using old phone for time-being.

  112. hi vikram
    a wonderful blog provided... i am really happy abt the comments and posts that were available on this blog . it helped me alot with my asus... just a help required from u
    1> hw do i watch movies on my asus... the windows player provided does not open the movies i have copied fron my com. is the phone compatible to watch movies downloaded frm comp or any specific changes need to make prior to download
    2> i need to read an ebook on my asus which i downloaded.. its a .chm file on the comp. but it does not open on the asus.. wat application is required to open a .chm file on asus..

  113. I used Jeyo to copy sim contacts to phone but the problem is it shows duplicate entries in phone book, one for sim and other for phone.
    How to hide sim contacts?

  114. Hi Vikram,

    I have downloaded the Phonepad software. It was installed in my P320. But when i go either type a message or to dial any number i am still getting the default windows keypad. How to use the phonepad?

  115. P320 device is blackberry enabled?

  116. where do i find GPS software other than that of Google's?

  117. I am having a strange problem, my phone shut down when battery reach 50%. Is there some setting that I need to change to use 100% of my battery?

  118. Hi,
    i am unable to instal CAB files in my Asus p320 please any one help me out of this problem..
    i am getting error message like your cab is not instaled.

  119. Hi,
    i am unable to instal googlemap file in Asus p320. please any one help me out of this problem.

    Please any one tell me what is the problem and where is it.


  120. @mr balaje

    hope you got your phone to work again, it looks like your today plugin must have got unticked. Do check at Start --> Settings ---> Today

    You need an ebook reader to open these files, you will have to google to find one to your liking, do post back here for others if you find something useful.

    This is not blackberry enabled

    @anonymous (phonepad)
    Click the small up arrow beside the input toggle at the bottom of the screen you will see the options for input, phonepad will be one of them.

    @anonymous (battery)
    There is a problem with the battery, do check it out at the service center, the battery is covered for a 6 months warranty

    there shouldn't be a problem unless you are trying to install everything on the device itself and not the memory card. You could have run out of space.

  121. Hi Vikram ,

    I am using my P320 from past 3 months but facing only one problem that is whenever i try to install a third party software that is Manilla 2d or winterface or Fewidgets My phone memory goes very low and the programs gets hung and the phone speeds low, is ther any option to install all these programs in the memory card,



  122. Hi Vikram,
    Nice work bro...
    I got my Asus p320 via ebay for 8990. At this price the product is really awesome. I got Sandisk 8gb micro SDHC card for 750 bucks... :)Well i was looking for a video player which wud be able to play all kinda file like VLC Player, the one which we have for PC..Can you suggest any similar freeware..

  123. Hey mate
    I have lost the CD that came with my Asus P320 phone. Where can I download Active Sync 4.5 from? (or the entire contents of the CD that came with it?)


  124. Hi Vikram, thanks a lot for the blogs... they were very helpful.
    How to forward an sms in p320? when we click on an sms, it opens in the conversation mode and the forward option in menu is also disabled. Is there any setting? Please help.

    - Avinash

  125. @anonymous

    Sorry, haven't tried out video players much, if you do have some info do post about the same.

    @ravi Teja
    Active sync 4.5 can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft site.

    In conversation mode, click the up direction. One message of the conversation will now be selected. The forward option will now work. Basically you have to select a message, you cannot forward the entire conversation.

  126. Hi Folks,
    Just upgraded my ROM to 4.15
    It seems the overall system stablity has improved and even the battery life is decent...
    Rom 4.15 can be found at


  127. Hi Vikram,
    I tried installing Slovo Dictionary on my Asus p320 but it slowed down the whole device...Do you know any good basic english dictionary?
    Please let us know the link for download, if possible :)


  128. Hi Guys, this info is very very useful.Thanks to all the partcipants.

    I have couple of questions:
    1) I need to install touch flow in my P320 where and how to install it?

    2) I am still not used to the P320 while driving my car ( I know we shouldn't use while driving, but still for some emergency and important numbers) any tips and techniques.


  129. Thanks a lot Vikram. It worked.
    - Avinash

  130. Hi Vikram,

    I have only installed 3 softwares in my P320 device.
    1. Pointui Home Ver 2 (In Phone Memory)
    2. Phonepad (In Storage Card)
    3. S2P Music Player (In Storage Card)

    Even then, my phone memory is very low, just 3.90MB left in the storage section and Program memory is left with 14.27MB

    I have even moved my personal files and songs to storage card. I am not sure how the phone memory is very low, i am not able to install any more softwares and transfer files through Bluetooth. Please help with your expertise.

  131. @mrbalaje

    I also have Pointui v2 in phone memory along with quite a few applets / themes. Phonepad is also on phone memory with the rest on storage card.

    I have around 11 MB free. You need to cross check whats eating that space. If you can't find it, hard reset to reclaim it :(

    Regarding bluetooth, use obex inbox to directly receive to storage card. Install all software on storage card other than pointui and phonepad because this gets used continuously.

  132. hey vikram thanks a lot for your help. i am not able to back up my contacts on to my laptop even after activesync says phone connected.pls help

  133. @anonymous

    Hey your welcome, hope you have have outlook working. It should work seamlessly once you check the box for sync. Sometime the activesync get corrupted so just check if others things work like transfer of files etc If thats also not working you may need to reset :(

  134. when i restart my phone !
    btlr 3.1
    then message comes
    and stuck here ....
    plz help wat to do !!!!
    i can't connect to computer .... active sync does not detects my phone.. coz window is not load... at booting its stuck...

    i reset my phone... but nothing happens .. same error is appearing...

    i want to know how to restore... or format phone... to its orginal setting... plz help !!!

  135. Hi Vikram,
    How do I create a playlist in the Windows Media Player.
    It seems really difficult. I tried saving the Now Playing section, but then how to add files to Now Playing?
    Please help.
    - Avinash

  136. @dimmusheel

    Try to hard reset the phone, but be aware you will lose everything on it, it will be the same as a new phone.

    Hold the right soft key and press the reset button.

    If this does not work then you need to visit the service center.

    Sorry, not sure, I user S2P which is a lot easier, just keep the files you want in one folder and play that folder akin to a play list. If you want more file to be added move to one level above that folder.

  137. p320 is available at rs..8000/- in gaffar market,new delhi
    its a worth buying has got everything in such a low budget
    another option is p527 which has got key pad also with p527 u will get gps map-satnav,one map india for one year.its realy nice and acuurate map for the person who travels is available for 10500/-

  138. it'd be wonderful if you give a step by step guide to use the gps along with the free links to the required softwares.... my email id is

  139. Hello Friends,

    Please protect your Pocket PC with some good antivirus software. Yesterday a Trojan named Astry.EXE automatically got saved in my memory card, i am now finding it hard to clean it.

    I hope i will able to clean it soon. Anyone have any solution for this.

  140. @mrbalaje

    The virus seems to be a generic windows virus, you best bet would be to simply connect the card to a card reader on a system that has an updated antivirus and get it cleaned.

  141. Hi,

    Which is latest version of Firmware ROM available for P320. I tried downloading it from Asus website, but it is confusing and hard to locate. Please guide me on downloading it and upgrading it in my PDA

  142. Dear Vikram,
    thanks for this great blog. Actually i was in 2 minds whether to go for P320 but your blog has made my decision a firm one; i am proceeding to buy.
    I need your help with the GPS. I have already read your blog about the GPS but it would be great if you could throw some more light on this aspect of the 'little wonder'
    thanks for your help !
    Amit Kekre

  143. Hello,

    How to format the Memory card from P320 ?

  144. Hi,
    Been using the phone with GPS. and map my india software ( I Nav ). Recently did a trip of 500km and it works like a charm.The imp thing is to connect it to the car charger and have a windshield mounted support.The GPs is pretty good.If one has a GPRS connection then google maps are also ok

  145. i am using this phone for a week and i find that music files more than 5 mb canot be found and moreover it hangs frequently any idea where to be found...... thank and keep the good work up.

  146. @anonymous

    Have posted a separate blog about the firmware upgrade and the latest version.

    Go to Start --> Settings --> Connections
    USB Settings, you should be able to make your phone into a pen drive upon connection to your computer, then you can format / copy etc

    Get a good player, such as S2P and coreplayer. Make sure that you put the files in your storage card and not your phone memory. The hanging is probably due to lack of space, upgrade to the latest firmware if possible, its more stable. Details available here

  147. how can i install touch flow in my p320??

  148. cannot find music files after transfer the system shows that it is in the phone memory as the spa in the my device is decreasing pls help hats off for the good work bro

  149. Dear friends, is it possible to see flash videos online on this phone? youtube etc...
    please revert...

    thank you

  150. Hi, is there any way to hide, lock or disable the 6 touch buttons and the keypad on the screen, which appears while on the call. I often experiencing the problem of touching one of those touch buttons with my earlobe, which results in either going for hold, end or notes while we are on the call.

    I tried using the slide lock which is on the side of the phone, but it doesnt help.

  151. Hi, this is saurabh and this really is an amazing blog, i got almost all the information at one place rather than searching, which made my task much easier.

    thanks so much for the information

  152. Very well written. Good job done bro...btw...u can see some google cents as my small contribution to motivate :)

  153. An extremely useful and well written blog. It sold me on the p320 and am buying it today. just wanted to know if there is any performance difference between using 4gb and 8gb cards? Thanks

  154. @saurabh / gagan

    Thanks for the comments !


    I heard there is no difference, I unfortunately use a 2 GB :( The phone supports 8 GB though.

    Think about using pointui, it works great on this phone

    The music is getting copied onto your phone memory and not the storage device. Use file manager you should be able to find in My Music / My documents

  155. My P320 is on 4.13. I want to upgrade it to 4.15.
    I copied 2577 onto the card.
    It ran something and told me to hold down the volume down key and poke reset. I did.
    Then I continue to hold the volume down key but it says: "TFTP USB DOWNLOAD!!!! Insert USB cable !!!!".
    Please tell me how to proceed.
    I tried after formatting the card as well (Nokia 1 gb card) but it gave the same error. Please help. Thanks.

  156. @Anonymous

    Would help if you post in the respective article. I have posted my comments to this here

  157. hi Vikram,
    can you advise how can we save the gps files in gpx format so that i can share the route with anyody?
    does asus p320 have this feature.
    kindly help

  158. can i assign or detect a com port when connected via USB? is virtual port available? i am trying to use my asus as an SMS gateway.

  159. I am currently using the 2GB memory card, and planning to increase the size to either 8 or 16GB.

    i want to install and run more softwares in the p320 device, will the size of the memory card will help in installing more softwares.

  160. Hello Vikram,

    I did not succeed in connecting to the HDFC Internet banking using originally loaded IE browser, though it connects to the webpage just before the login page. Is there some issue with the 128 bit browser encryption required for such sites? I came cross following: also. But not sure if it is worth tweaking the registry. Any idea?

  161. @anonymous --> Internet

    You could try to use a better browser such as opera prior to tweaking your registry.

    @ anonymous --> memory
    Yes the larger memory will help but please keep the following in mind, a 1 GB card is more than ever enough for all possible software considering that most mobile software is in the range of a few MB. You will need larger memory cards typically if you want to store large amounts of media files. Also while you have the option of installing your software on the memory card some files do tend to sit on the phone memory clogging it up slow so be careful. Its like on xp when you install into Program files you c:\windows still grows slowly :)


    Sorry no idea

    @anonymous --> GPS
    Am sure it is possible, I have seen some work where one person has updated his location by accessing a web page from his phone periodically and plotted the same on a google map. If I get some info about the same will share.

  162. @anonymous posted on 23rd April(Disabling touch buttons)

    There is no way we can completely disable the 6 touch buttons while the call is active. But you can tap the power button once which will make the screen black (power saving mode), hence you can continue with your call without any disturbance like hold or end call.

    Hope it helps..

  163. Hi Vikram,
    I had a query regarding Asus p320. I'm in bangalore itself. Can i give you a call?

    If possible

  164. i have my ph nums stored in file explorer. which is stored in mem card. but i am not able to find them on the contacts. I have to add them one by one, Is there a way I can add all the no. to contacts at once.I am new to this ph.. help

  165. @ chatti

    Drop me your mail id, I won't publish the post


    One option you could use is the import that file into Outlook. The main advantage of this phone is that it is based on Windows and sync very well with Outlook.

    Once you have imported the numbers into Outlook check the contacts option in Microsoft activesync on your phone and carry out a sync, the number will flow into your phone. Its very useful as you have a backup of all your numbers and you will get it back every time you upgrade firmware etc

    Hope that helps !

  166. Hi Vikram,
    I am planning to buy a mini USB to 3.5mm jack. I am in US and can buy easily this converter thru eBay.
    I was wondering if it could work in Asus P320 since it says it is for HTC, can you please tell whether HTC and Asus mini USB are same?


  167. @Swapnil

    The HTC ExtUSB one is NOT compatible with the Asus P320. The pin configuration is different. However I do remember coming across one ebay listing that had the converter for this device with free shipping to the US, It looks exactly like the one they ship with the device with the only difference being that now there is a 3.5mm jack on the mike / answer button where earlier the two headphone wires come out.

  168. Hi Vikram, I have just upgraded the firmware of my P320 to V4.15 successfully. Now the phone is faster, doesnt hang much and more stable. But in the process I lost my Outlook Contacts. I have taken a complete folders backup of the phone to my lappy but dont know which file contains the outlook contacts so that i can copy this back. Pls help.

  169. @ Mahesh

    You don't need to copy it back, if it is in outlook, once you sync with your outlook the contacts will flow back.

  170. hi, i have my contacts stored on my do is store them on my asus p320.I also have the contacts stored on my mem card.. pls guide

  171. @natasha

    Import the contact from your desktop into Outlook. In Outlook it is the following option

    File --> Import and Export --> Import from another program or file --> Comma Separated Values (CSV) , Excel

    Once in Outlook , sync with your device. Make sure that in your sync setting you have ticked Contacts to be synced

  172. awesome read... :)
    now i think i m going to buy1...

  173. hi I tried to import contacts from desktop to outlook but it did not work
    As the contacts are in vcard format(.vcf), so when is try with .vcf option i have to import one contact at a time
    Is there a way to do this at once? I am having a hard time..

  174. @natasha

    check out the solution posted here

    If this does not work, then you may need to download software to convert this for you, there are third party tools available to do this ...

  175. Hi Vikram,

    Very nice blog - good points captured. Thanks!
    Question - how does one stop the ringing alone while getting a call (not disconnect).
    thanks -Satya

  176. @satya

    You can turn off the phone ringing without disconnecting the call by pressing the volume down key on the side of the phone.

    Cheers !


    This is the link for mapmyindia and satguide.. check it out..

  178. Thanks Vikram - that works.

    Another thing about the missed call blinking red light. The red light remains only for 2-3 hours or so, before automatically turning green. Is this configurable or a bug?
    thanks -Satya

  179. @satya

    Not sure if it is configurable but I far I can remember the light stays red as long as I have not viewed the missed call.

  180. @Nelson
    the satguide map link to rapidshare no longer works, can you reupload it?

  181. Thank you for this review.
    I'm thinking about buying one.
    other than no 3G, this is perfect for me.

  182. I just got this phone and am having problems with the battery. Above, you said that we should make sure that "turn off device if not used for 2 mins" was checked. You said that we should still be able to receive calls. However, I actually can't receive calls when this is checked. Now that I've unchecked it, I can receive calls, but the battery is dwindling at an incredibly fast rate. What would you recommend to do?

  183. @david

    I think there is a problem with the device, you should try upgrading to the newest firmware. If your still facing problems get the tech center to get the phone checked out, it would still be under warranty. If the option is not checked the phone drains quite fast. Does the green light still glow when you check this option ? Thats proof that the phone is still working...

  184. Hi Vikram,

    I assumed MS word, xl, ppt etc come with this phone. Is that not so?

    thanks -Satya

  185. @Satya

    Have posted, check out the other articles. Its there.

  186. Hey vikram,
    My device is about 5 months old and suddenly i have started having a problem on reciving sms..
    please asist me with dis in huge trouble..

  187. hi vikram.

    pat on your back for the selfless help you have been providing to others.

    if i use the guidance given by you regarding battery, how much on an average should be the battery life...1..1 and half....2 days ??

    does the software setup uses .exe extension like windows XP ? can windows xp apps run on windows mobile prof edition ?

    thanks a ton xx

  188. @Jatin

    should not be happening, are you on the latest firmware ? something could have got corrupted, you could try a hard reset before going to the help center, keep in mind a hard reset makes you lose all your settings / data.

    @ rishi
    It should last easily 2 days. about the installs, you need cab files. Not all exe will run on win mobile, it needs to be written for it.

  189. Thanks for the previous help. Now I have a different problem. I've upgraded the firmware, fyi.
    When I am listening to music, I can't receive incoming calls or SMSs. Any ideas?

  190. hi vikram
    i cant go in my start menu
    when i pres its flashing but not open
    help plssss

  191. Hi Vikram,

    This is a fantastic site. I wanted something like this before I decide to by a P320. Now I feel that I can make an informed decision.

    I plan to buy it for the great value for money -- as you have demonstrated.



  192. Hello Vikram,

    My Stylus Lock was broken and i lost my stylus too. I want to change the p320 body case, is there any websites from which i can order online for cheap rates. I had enquired in Service centre and they told that the original body case will cost about Rs.650

  193. @anonymous above

    Sorry not aware of anything online, but your better off getting it done through the service center as it a touch screen device, you wouldn't want to mess around too much.

    Have you considered using pointui with phonepad, I hardly ever use the stylus.

  194. Hello Vikram,

    Is there any good anti-theft software which can be used in P320 for free.

  195. Hello Friends,

    Can any body tell me if we can play AVI movies on

  196. Hi Vikram

    Is there any appliction by which we can hide the messages

  197. HI,

    Great blog dude.

    I recently bought P320, wanted to know which GPS s/w is best suited. Are there any freewares.
    Will Garmin mobile XT work?

  198. @mrbalaje

    Need to check, no idea right now

    You would need to resize your movies to play on this device

    No idea

    I use Google maps, tried mapmyindia wasn't too impressed. google maps has online routing information in India which is really cool...

  199. how can we get pointui pro cracked