Saturday, February 7, 2009

Asus P320 Tweaks : Mail on SD card

There has been some discussions on the main blog in the comments section about moving the emails from the phone into the storage card. While nothing conclusive has come out from that after checking it is very much possible to shift not just the attachments but the email message as well to the SD card.

I have picked this up from another site, I have tried it and it works well. The only reason I am republishing it is that the method to do this in Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6.1 is different and in a lot of site where this information is available this has not been clarified.The method available below is what needs to be done for the Asus P320 which is on WM 6.1. Credit goes to the original poster (JeffC from

You first need to get hold of a registry editor to carry out all this. I recommend Total Commander, ( I will blog about this application separately). You have to create a folder (call it "Mail") on the SD card. Then, create a sub-folder under "Mail" named "Attachments".

Once you've done that, go into Outlook and then to "Options". Navigate to the "Storage" tab and place a checkmark in "When available, use the storage card to store attachments".

Now it's time to go to the Registry. There are 2 entries to make, both found in


First, set the Mail diverter:
HKLM\System\Inbox\Settings\PropertyPath = "\Storage Card\Mail"
(assuming there is no "PropertyPath name, create it. For the string, enter your SD path as shown (do not use quotes). Don't forget the space between "Storage" and "Card".

Next, create the Attachments diverter:
HKLM\System\Inbox\Settings\AttachPath = "\Storage Card\Mail\Attachments"
(you will probably see an existing string, which you should delete and replace with the correct path (again, no quotes). If AttachPath does not already exist, create it. Don't forget the space between "Storage" and "Card".

Exit from your Registry Editor.

Finally, soft reset the device. All should work now. Hope you find this helpful, the main article is linked here

If you find this useful do drop me a comment would love to hear from you, if your feeling generous do click an ad :)


  1. Wow! finally you have provided me the solution to store e-mails in storage card. I was looking for this from a long time. I havn't yet tried to do what you said, will keep you posted about my progress. Thank you so much.

  2. mate, i know i post a comment in a wrong place, but i cant find a place to post a message...
    anyone know yahoo messenger software for this p320...?
    i really need that.
    thx in advance

  3. @above

    Will blog about it as an application but you could check out fring ...

  4. hey can u tell me a good navigation software... for asus p320... like the nokia navigator for nokia phones... im willing to pay for the software.. .

  5. How to store text messages in storage card. or how to back up text msgs.......?? please help

  6. I use the Outlook web access in Asus P320. But in that attachments are not shown whereas in gmail they are shown. Pls clarify me.

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  8. How to store text messages in storage card. or how to back up text msgs <>.......?? please help