Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Asus P320 Remote Control

MyMobiler is this nice application that I have been using to bring you all the content especially screenshots of my phone to all you users out there.

It is currently freeware and is located at the following location


Once installed you can connect to your computer once an activesync connection has been established. Hence it will work either through the wired connection or even the wireless bluetooth connection.

The key features that is allows are

- Mimic touching the device physically by clicking on your mouse
- Mimic motion on the device by holding your mouse button down and moving
- Type text to the phone that is typed on the key board. (very useful to send sms)

- Allows saving the screen as a jpg image, (all pics on my blog are taken using this)
- Allows for saving of videos
- Paste data into the phone
- Rotate the phone into landscape mode

The main article for this phone is located here


Do let me know if found this useful, if your feeling generous you could click on an ad :)


  1. cool software.. buddy/// nice one..

  2. Nice work bud.... keep it up... bookmarked