Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Asus P320 Music Player

If you are looking for a cool interface but basic music player then S2P is the player for your Asus P320. It has a complete touch interface.

It plays wav, mp3, wmv files. Regarding all the other formats I haven't tried but I believe that most of us out there have our music in the mp3 format. At the bottom is the volume control that can be dragged left or right. The other buttons on the bottom are for the next and previous song.

The back arrow on the top left brings you to the complete song list that can be seen below.

If you run your finger down the screen you can move to the album browser as you can see below two screen shots

Unfortunately the album browsing is really really resource intensive and slows down like crazy. This is like the one time I really wished that the phone had a faster processor on board.

If you press on the top right of the screen as shows below you will be taken to the mini album browser

You can make a selection and get back to the main screen. Ofcourse if you want the album art to come up on the screen while playing the music you need to tag all your music with the respective album art. This mean you need to store the music of each artist in their respective folder and keep the album art image in the same folder with the name folder.jpg

The software is currently free and is located at the following location. you could check and download the latest version.


The main article for this phone is located here


If you find this useful do drop me a line, would love to hear from you. If your feeling generous you could click on an ad :)


  1. hey this is a great find. i've bookmark your page. i'm using pocketmusic since this one is a little slow with the album selection!

    btw, why dont you check out spb shell too? i'm planning to put up a video of my screen. wait, i'll do this within this week. may be u could actually publish it here since i'm too lazy to upload elsewhere. my spb shell takes about 2.5MB with windows field theme. had the omnia theme earlier bt takes about ~5MB!

  2. @aningbo

    Do send it to me, I will definitely add it in !

  3. the outlay doesnt come properly in my phone.. there is considerable overlap of the options... like the play, pause and next button all overlap each other... how to fix this bug... .

    and do u have any software , that displays full size picture of contacts while making a call or receiving one..

  4. @shashi

    not sure why thats happening, hope you have installed the right QVGA version and not the VGA version thats meant for other phones.

    Regarding the fullsize picture not too sure I use pointui which doesn't have a screen for call makgin / receiving. Check if S2U2 is what your looking for, will update if I come across something ...

  5. Hi! I am unable to use landscape mode of s2p player. When i installed for first time i could browse through the album covers but subsequently even if i change the phone layout to landscape the s2p starts in portratit mode only. I ahve unistalled and installed s2p 3 times but even then the problem persists. also some times the music is distorted i.e., gives out a tuk..tuk...tuk...sound while playing music.

  6. @santhosh

    S2P doesn't seem to work in landscape mode, its got nothing to do with a faulty installation. the tuk tuk sound also is a case of the landscape mode, you either need to find an alternative player for landscape, do post back if you find something ....

  7. Hi Vikram thanks for updating the needs.
    can i have the right address to download the S2P
    as i am unable to do from the above address