Thursday, December 18, 2008

Asus P320 Antivirus

There have been some requests for a good antivirus for this device. I Mean a large number of us out there using this phone have a windows based PC and know that it is suicide to work without an antivirus program to secure us.

Now before we get to the antivirus programs out there there is this fundamental question that needs to brought up. Do we actually need an antivirus for our mobile devices ? The truth is that I am honestly not very sure.

I have come across articles that clearly define the need for the same and others that totally debunk. As a user out there what I believe I can do for you is help point you to couple of these discussion / writeup and let you take a call for yourselves.

As for me my personal view is to give this a pass as for now. I believe with safe behaviour I could do without the burden of having to spend money to lull myself into a sense of security as well live with the fact that my device will slow down considerably with the AV continuously running in the background.

For now, I believe making sure that my Bluetooth is currently not on when not required. Not accepting incoming files from people I don't know and not installing application from sites / places I do not trust is something I can very much live with. Please note moving forward in time with the popularity of the Windows Mobile platform gaining in the mobile market this could possible become a necessity tomorrow. If I do decide to move there I will definately update this page.

Regarding the list of softwares out there

1. Airscanner
2. Trend Micro Mobile Security
3. F-Secure Mobile Security
4. Bullguard Antivirus
5. Symantec AntiVirus
6. kaspersky mobile security
7. Mcafee (as part of Total Protection or McAfee Internet Security Suite)

There is this interesting article by Tyson Greer that you could read here

On the other side of the debate there are two discussions I had come across on a forum debating the need for the antivirus for Windows mobile that can be found here and here

Hope this helps, do drop me a line , would love to hear from you. The main article on the phone is avaiable here

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