Sunday, February 22, 2009

Asus P320 File / Communication Manager

Windows Mobile 6.1 does have its own file manager but its quite limited in its capability. There is the really neat application that I use called Total Commander. The main screen of the application looks like this ....

Just like the windows file manager you can browse all your directories including the storage card by just clicking on each of the items. You can do the standard stuff like copy a file, renaming it, moving a file, creation /deletion of directories and file as seen below

Additionally for viewing there are various options to see the files and folder via a tree mode / large icons etc for your easy navigation. This can be brought up by selecting the show button at the bottom of the screen as shown below.

Now onwards to the really cool part of the application :)

It has an built in text editor, that allows you to type and create files a shown below.

It has the capability to browse zip files, they show up as a small cube, on selection you could extract it to your required directories.

It also has the three following plugins for

ftp / LAN / Registry editor, to activate this select plugins in the root directory as shown below

It will show the following options

On selecting ftp, you will get the following screen pop up which requires the details for setting up an ftp connection as shown below

It also has a functional registry editor that can be used for minor changes for the registry, the navigation is similar to that of the file manager as seen below

The best part is that the application is free and is available here ....

Hope you find this useful, do drop me a comment would love to hear from you, if your your feeling generous do click on an ad :)

The main article about this phone is available here ...

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  1. Gives error on installation, Not a valid pocket pc application.