Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mobile Registry Editor for Asus

As you begin to play around more with your phone, you realize being a windows device there is not too much you can change without being able to open the registry and make some tweaks here and here.

In one of my earlier posts I had talked about using Total Commander as a a registry editor but it still is quite difficult to navigate in the small screen and make changes using your stylus. Wouldn't it be great to be able to make all these changes from a computer with a a key board ?

Well that just what this program does , its called Mobile Registry Editor v1.1 from Breaksoft. Unfortunately I could not find the original site as the page was down however I was able to find an alternative download here

The way the application works is that it connect to the registry on your mobile phone once you have connected it to your computer via activesync. You just need to run the MobileRegistryEditor.exe on your computer.

It will pop up the following screen on your computer. You should be able to navigate the entire registry just as you would with regedit on your windows machine. Have just browsed the registry using my mouse ....

In case you want to make can changes you could either just double click on an existing entry and make a change

In case you need to add an entry , it can be done by using the right click on the location you are required to make the addition in

Hope you have found this useful, do drop me a line would love to hear from you, if your feeling generous do click on an ad :)

The main article on this mobile is located here


  1. Hey Vicky!!

    Thanks! for creating this bolg mate. Its really cool and handy to refer things.Could you please suggest me the current estimated market price for this phone in India as am planning to buy one and I find this phone having almost everything in it what I require.

    Once again Thanks and Appreciate your Cool Work!!


  2. Hey Tanny,

    Thanks for appreciation, the market price is around 10k now, give or take ... Do put in a memory card ...

  3. Great application, but the download link did not work! :(

  4. @anonymous

    Ya, its has been removed, check now I have provided an alternative link !

  5. great post, but how make my bluetooth work?

  6. Unable to edit registry by using the mobile reristry editor. send a new link and working software

  7. i m using this now i want to sale this phone because now i want to move on android if anyone interested please make a call my
    +919560205543 only in 3500 n my phone is in white color so its looks more than in black colour