Sunday, December 13, 2009

Asus P320 Reset Options Hard Reset / Soft Reset

Some people have requested this information so I thought a post on it may help

A. Soft reset

Poke the hole at the bottom of the device with the stylus.


Remove the battery, put it back and start it, do this only if the poke doesn't work.

B. Hard reset

Resetting your phone will remove all data from memory and restore the phone back to the factory default settings.

1. Tap Start > Settings > System tab > Default Settings.
2. Key in "1234" to confirm that you want to restore default settings and press OK.
3. Tap OK.
The phone will restart automatically after it is reset.


Press Right Soft Key and tap Reset ( poke the bottom with the stylus) at the same time

C. Flash Reset
Use this option when you need to flash the phone with the new version

Press the Volume down button and hold while tapping reset ( poke the bottom with the stylus)

The main article on this phone is located here


  1. I'm gettin stuck at the "read sd busy"
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!! :D

  2. I have done a hard reset using system tab. The phone went thru the software installation process and is giving a message installation complete 100%. Having waited for over 15 minutes after this message the phone is staying on the same screen and not rebooting or giving the standard screen. Is there anything wrong?
    - ANIL

  3. plz help me i done reset my mobile bt it's need location still nw wht to do

  4. my asus p 320.....internet sharing can't to about that....? whats the problem...?

  5. Please Help. My mobile Asus P320 shows Header_code eroor. I dont know what to do..

  6. Aku punya Asus P320
    hang pada ASUS LOGO
    download P320_V4_15_0_V4_10_V1_11_0_WWE
    unziped & disalin ke 2577 1gb mmc (formated sebagai Fat)
    tapi itu memberi kesalahan berikut BTLR 3.1 tidak dapat menemukan galaxymini-ond.raw! tidak dapat menemukan 850_GAX_SD.bin ! tidak dapat menemukan Flash.bin! tidak dapat menemukan GSM.BIN! tidak dapat menemukan GSM.RAW! tidak dapat menemukan EXT_ROM.NBO! Init SD Download gagal jadi saya berganti nama 850_GAX_SD_Enc.bin ke 850_GAX_SD.bin masih memiliki sama error kemudian disalin 850_GAX_SD.bin ke akar mmc ERROR kemudian menunjukkan menyusul Cold Boot Start. Init SD kontrol IPL: Masukkan kartu SD GET keberhasilan MBR mulai Cari gambar tidak dapat menemukan galaxymini-ond.raw menemukan 850_GAX_SD.bin tidak dapat menemukan Flash.bin tidak dapat menemukan GSM.bin tidak dapat menemukan EXT_ROM.NBO error Header_CRC solusi silahkan