Saturday, December 12, 2009

Asus P320 IMEI fix

For the unfortunate few of us who have managed to screw up our phones while flashing to Windows 6.5 by losing the IMEI information of the phone there is now a solution.

Kalpeshmist over at Asus p320 Winmo forum has found a way to restore the Asus P320 with the original IMEI number.

I have mirrored the files that are hosted there. The instructions are in the readme that is part of the download itself. IMEI

Once you get the updated GSM.BIN you should flash it along with your FLASH.BIN for it to work. Many people have responded postively saying it works, needless to say your doing on your own risk.

The link to the thread is available here

The main article on this phone is located here

Details on using Windows 6.5 on this phone is available here


  1. nice blog mate!! the p320 imei fixer is the first and the last thing i could do for this device. my brother owned p320. so i used his phone for testing. unfortunately, he sold it today.. and bought a blackberry pearl!!

    i was trying to make rom for it yesterday, but now, cant!!

  2. @Kalpeshmist

    Its truly a sad day for all of us that your brother decided to do that :) I guess we all do move on to newer devices some time or the other ...