Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Asus P320 Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM Build 23085

Been some time since builds were available for this device, however the good news is that a new build 23085 is now available for this device.

UPDATE: New build of 23549 is now available here

Credit goes out to DmBob who has taken the pain to put this together for the vast majority of us who required the WWE version.

Most the the earlier release were only in RUS. Please thank him for his hard work on the build and also to include WWE for all future builds.

Am posting the screenshots that he has put up along with a couple of mine. I have flashed and am running this ROM for more the last week. As always all ROMs are provided without any guarantee. Your doing this at you OWN RISK.

Having said that, here you go ....

The new working link to the ROM is here (update 12 April 2010)


The link to the post is here ....

Do update on your experience

UPDATE: I have faced missed call problems with this build. Have posted solution for same here


UPDATE: I have added a separate blog on enabling the weather plugin for Windows Mobile 6.5 located here


UPDATE: Incase of any IMEI problems have posted a solution of the same here

UPDATE: Incase of bluetooth not able to receive files, a solution of the same is available here

The main article on the phone is located here. You might pick up some useful info if you are an owner ...


Do drop me a comment, would love to hear from you, if your feeling generous you could donate a dollar via paypal :)


  1. I'll try it today =)

  2. Hi I really want to try this ROM but I have trouble downloading the file from hotfile. I'll be really grateful if you could upload the ROM to mediafire or something.

  3. Hi, I updated my phone with this ROM but sadly it doesn't have handwriting (letter recognizer). Can you help me how to load letter recognizer? SB

  4. Kindly let me know, is it having GPRS issue, as previous ROM was not capable to run GPRS, I wasn't able to open any website using GPRS. Vodafone Live was getting connected, also Rs.were deducted but site were not opening.

  5. everything is working fine...but my wifi is not working...and in wireless settings if I want to give IP Address it is not taking more than 2 numbers...please help me out...

  6. there is a problem when I am using windows media player...the buttons are not showing...
    Also the video recorder is also not working its simply exits...also there is no weather update...

  7. @Mohammed

    GPRS works great, been using it regularly for more than a week.

    Wifi have not had any ptoblem. Try auto detecting the wifi connection and connect.

    Windows media player requires a skin to be used. video does not work on the this ROM. Weather can be installed via the Titanium plugin, it works great

    @SB am sure the cab for that as an input options should be available. Do not use it so not sure.

  8. Thanks for your reply Vikram, I installed this ROM and as previous version am unable to use GPRS, its showing edge connected, but unable to open website via PIE or any Java apps. However, if i connect it via Activesync all works fine wid my pc's broadband connection.

    Due to this(GPRS), I switched back to 6.1 previously. I'm on Vodafone network. While on 6.1, I was able to connect GPRS and also was able to surf internet via Pocket Internet Explorer. But I was unable to use any Java application to access the internet using EDGE connection, i.e. UCWEB or Opera Mini or eBuddy messenger. I'm unable to figure out the problem why this java applications doesn't allow me to access internet.

    Again, if I connect phone via Activesync to my PC, I was able to access net on all java apps but not on PIE. So kindly let me know what shall I do, if you want any more info regarding my query, let me know will provide that too.

    kindly add me on ur buddy list so that I can chat n resolve this issue: hunter_of_a_heart@yahoo.co.in & hunterofaheart@gmail.com

  9. @Mohammed

    I think its not at all related to the version you are running, the issue seems to be something else. Am on Airtel and GPRS works great for apps other than IE such as weather update as well as Fring. Would recommend two things, try connecting via wifi and see if it works. Borrow a SIM with Airtel GRPS and see if it works.

  10. I have try it yesterday, but I can't view all my sim contact ! Do you have any idea ?

  11. @ VIkram

    Thanks a lot for posting about this build..i flashed my cell for the first time..and thanks for posting the missed call fix too..

    other than the missed call bug 7 the vdo bug, r there any other known bugs for this build?

    Also can u tell me which version of the weather plugin is to be installed?i tried "Titanium Weather [Ported to QVGA by mnemonique] v3.1.2" but the installation didnt happen properly & its not getting removed too..:(

    Guess i need to do a hard reset..how to do a hard reset on this??

  12. @chaussex

    Go to windows --> Contacts the SIM contacts should be there. I would strongly recommend you shift to phone contacts and back it up in Outlook.

    You used the right version but didn't follow the instructions properly. You need to remove the Windows Home in the Home setup before installing, else it won't work and you also need to install on the device and not storage card.

  13. @Vikram
    Thanks Vikram...i tried it after disabling 'Windows Default' in Settings->Home->Items & installed it in device & it works..This is the version i used - "Showaco-Titanium-Weather-QVGA-by-Mnemonique-v3e-M2D-Icons"...and hey am using an airtel postpaid..it connects to airtelfun.com but i can't update it via that..it gives a connection timeout..am updating the weather by connecting to the PC..

  14. is there an 'autocleaner' that can be used in this build as in the 6.1 ROM?

  15. @Sharat

    It will work only with airtelgprs.com I don't think airtelfun.com supports complete internet access.

  16. @ Vikram
    Ok..anyway i can update it via my pc;so its ok..hey let me know if there s any autocleaner appln that helps us quit the appln by just tapping on the 'X' button..

  17. Vikram i tried airtel sim, but same problem bro. Ok can u let me know how can i get GPRS work on Java apps, I'll switch back to windows 6.1 but need to resolve it first. So do let me know whether you were able to run GPRS on java apps on win6.1 or 6.5. if yes than how?

  18. @Mohammed

    About the java application bit not sure, however I am sure it works without any issue for other applications ( Non Java) Fring / Google Maps etc Would suggest you try setting up based on the instructions I have posted on the first article.

  19. I was unable to connect WIFI...it is saying "Cannot connect to the network. Check your network and service provider settings and try again."
    this is the error I am getting can you please help me out.

    But I am able to connect my laptop to the same network and I can access the internet also.

  20. Thanks a ton for your help showing how to install weather plug in...now it is working on my mobile...can you please let me know the same how to install the media player plugin.

  21. i flashed my device using this rom version and it booted only once after i installed it...
    the first time i did a reset it got stuck in bootloader...
    what can i do to get it to boot?
    i already tried to flash it again. i flased it with 3 versions of rom and the original rom and it wont boot...
    please advise...

  22. @anonymous

    your best bet would be to flash with stock version from asus and take it to the service centre saying it doesn't boot.

  23. @Vikram

    Is there a fix for receiving files via bluetooth? i switched back to 6.1...but am missing the looks of 6.5.. :(

  24. Found the fix for receiving files on that forum...

  25. hi,
    my email address is nikhilarni@gmail.com,
    i have the p320, had upgradd the rom to 4.15 build... using the stock win 6.1..
    i have downloaded the win 6.5 build... but for some strange reason... its not flashing..
    i have been holding down the volume button and the reset button pressed... but there seems to be no action..

    can anyone advice... how long would it take to reset and start the memory count...

  26. Can i import all the sms and other contacts data in this rom .. does SPB backup.. etc other utilities support this ?

  27. @Nikhil

    Are you able to reflash back the 4.15 build, am just trying to understand if there is a problem with the device or something that you are doing. Incidentally, the method for flashing 6.5 is identical to 6.1

    Contacts sync perfectly with Outlook. All the other applications that I use work without a problem, I don't use SPB backup so cannot comment on that.

  28. no success with blue tooth receiving even after adding registry

  29. I like to update my P320 to wm6.5. But i cant get the files.
    says the file is deleted.
    Can you please give a fresh link?

  30. Can i get ASUS Today for WM6.5??? B'coz it is best visual according to me when compares to windows default.
    One more why my mobile shows only 30MB storage memory. I've seen other mobiles(GIGABYTE GSMART i128) showing 128MB.

  31. I upgraded my P320 to Windows Mobile 6.5 yesterday. I am not able to set (or even view) Profiles. I keep getting the message "ProfileManager.exe not found." Anyone else facing this issue? Any fix available?

  32. i hav updated to 6.5 but start key doesnot work pls help

  33. i need help too. it happened with the previous build too. the backlight is always on even if i select the option to turn it off in 10 seconds if not used. how can i fix this?

  34. hi.. thanks for this build... i did notice a few bugs which most people report.. ie the video record. other than that i am experiencing trouble browsing the net on gprs. i have vodafone and the settings i used now worked perfectly on the original 6.1 build. i tried another vodafone sim and bsnl sim and tried to auto configure , and also tried manual config. but in vain.. please help :( !! thanks in advance !!

  35. hi i hav this phone
    i hav an calling problem
    i cant hear the speech from either side of the call
    they can hear me

  36. hey plzzzzzzzzzzzzz do 1 thing for me, i hve installed the windows 6.5 (23016) version but im facing many problems juss tell me the way to get on the older version that is windows 6.1 plzzzzzzz help me out. and i hve also tried alot to install the 6.5 (23085) version but on the (23016) version but im not getting it, plzzzz do it for me as soon as possible ...


  37. @rohit

    Download the version from the asus site, I have a post on it, just flash back the base 6.1 version.

  38. can u plz give me the link of that download version which ur saying ?

  39. @rohit


    check there

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. hey buddy, i hve download tht file frm d link u gave me, but m nt able unzip n install it yaar ... m really pissed off, plz give me last help juss tell me d process to do all dis as i told m nw on d 6.5 (23016) version .. juss sort me out of dis buddy, i'll great thnkful 2 u

  42. I've downloaded build 23085, it worked fine, but I'm not able to change ring tone, does anybody has idea how to change ???

  43. Hi,
    I have installed WM6.5, it looks great. However, I have couple of problems I am not able to use my GPRS connection and I cannot locate my transcriber application. Please help me with these issues. Thanks in advance. My email id is diehardapple@gmail.com

  44. Rana Aditya Pratap SinghMarch 5, 2010 at 9:48 PM

    Thanks for the release bro!:)
    but m in a fix ryt nw!!!:(....
    i pasted da FLASH.BIN file in the SD Card, n followed ur steps of reset by pressing VOLUME DOWN n then POKING RESET....but a prob, nothin happens!!!! jus white screen which goes away n system boots normally wen i release da reset button!!!!!
    I really want this WM 6.5 on ma ASUS baby (P320) !!:) help me out brothaz!!

  45. Thanks Dude ...
    Very Nice N stable ROM ...
    But there is no skin for windows Media Player ...

    Please Provide some skin ...

  46. Bhaiya, how do I dowload wm 6.5 I have wm 6.1
    and the firmware is 4.15. Please send me the link to upgrade from 6.1 to 6.5

  47. Guys .. please post a new link ...

  48. hi Dude,

    I want to change MY p320 OS from 6.1 to 6.5,
    Plz let me know the process to download the OS version 6.5,

    Plz email me : ashuglaitm@gmail.com

  49. Give me the link to download wm6.5 for p320 mobile device.
    Email me: ashuglaitm@gmail.com

  50. Pls is there enyone who reupload this rom??? to megaupload pls no rapid...!

  51. Dudes,the link doesn't work.. :( Please post a new one..

  52. The HOTFILE is not working, please upload to Mediafire or 4shared..

  53. @above

    Have posted a new link, check it again !

  54. I have installed Flash build 23549 and I am getting "BETA Expires on 5/1/2010" on the screen..Anyone know how to get rid of this..

  55. Do you know which version of EzInput keyboard is this?

  56. can anyone help to restore transcriber on my HTC win mob 6.5? I lost it after upgrading from 6.1 to 6.5.

  57. Hey! the link is dead can u reup... this build again...


  58. what does he know....just a suckup trying to make money by hoarding ppls work. nice going sucker

  59. i successfully poked the reset button and it entered into the btlr but it does not goes further it indicate Read SD Busy! what should done for this please help my phone is not working at all

  60. @all

    The build is old , there are newer builds available. Check the main page.

  61. Can Somebody Please Re-upload this particular Build?

  62. Hi all,
    6.5 upgradation done. but there is no java application. can anyone addressed this, please share with me.


    Thank you.

  63. Hi,

    I have installed New Release 21501.5.0.70 Full Version from


    But is has many issues, during call phone hangs also frequent network drop.

    I would like to install 23085, but it is removed from given link.

    I downloaded from http://rapidshare.com/#!download|139|377000078|ASUS_P320_BUILD_23085_CHOME_WWE.rar|47479

    Please confirm it's size is 47479 and it is stable version.


  64. @naman
    is there any problem in the version u suggested

  65. where to download the wm6.5 file

  66. Siteniz gerçekten çok güzel ve paylaşımlar mükemmel, asus destek olarak kaliteli hizmet sunmaktayız.

  67. my asus p320 is locked ...i have forgetton its password ..how to unlock it.....