Sunday, April 11, 2010

Asus P320 Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM Build 23549

Manas Girdhar has been really busy churning out the latest ROMs for the Asus P320. There has been frenzied activity with various builds adding new feature and fixing the bugs that arise out of the newer builds.

The current version of ROM for Asus P320 is Windows Mobile 6.5.5 Build 23549. Couple of files from the older build have been used but Manas assures us that the kernel used in the build is the 23549 one only.

Based on the feedback received it seems reasonably stable. I however have yet to upgrade to the latest build, probably will do it sometime over the weekend. I have been on the 23085 build for the last couple of months and beside the late ringing of the phone has been phenomenal. The details of that build is available here

Asus P320 Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM Build 23085

Some of the users have mentioned that the new ROM solves the issues that require the Ks20.exe patch as well as the late ringing problem. I will update on this post with my personal experience.

The device is to said to boot up with

Free Ram:23 Mb
Free Device Storage:23 Mb

I will also added screen shots over the weekend for a better look and feel. If any of you people do try it out before I do, do post your comments here.

The link of the ROM is here

The Link of the original posting about this ROM is here

If you do flash this, it on your own risk, however here are a couple of useful pages for everyone who decides to flash the Asus P320 with a Windows 6.5 ROM

In case of missed call problems with this build. Have posted solution for same here

UPDATE: I have added a separate blog on enabling the weather plugin for Windows Mobile 6.5 located here

UPDATE: Incase of any IMEI problems have posted a solution of the same here

UPDATE: Incase of bluetooth not able to receive files, a solution of the same is available here

The main article on the phone is located here. You might pick up some useful info if you are an owner ...


  1. Dude i've made many roms since this can also post those if you like

  2. My roms are over at

  3. Hey Vikram i have Created a Full Bug Fixed rom on My Forum....can u also post it on your Blog Please Mate???Now my site is

  4. my asus p320 doesnt rang when some one calls .i have upgrade to asus p320 6.5 rom.
    thank you

  5. We have Moved over to for new roms please register there

  6. I have an ASUS P320.
    During flashing a Windows 6.5 ROM, it went bad and now I am not able to boot the phone or do anything.
    I have tried 2-3 ROMs to re-flash by putting them in my SD card, but every time it says "Read SD busy !"

    I also tried to re-flash it using original 4.10 ROM from official ASUS website but here is where I get stuck up:

    BTLR 3.1
    Init SD Control
    IPL: Insert SD Card
    Start SD Init
    Get MBR success
    start find images
    can't find galaxymini-ond.raw !
    find 850_GAX_SD.bin !
    can't find FLASH.BIN !
    can't find GSM.BIN !
    can't find EXT_ROM.NB0 !
    valid package percentage: 100
    Read SD busy !
    Total 3 images in package
    FLASH.BIN in package !
    GSM.BIN in package !
    EXT_ROM.NB0 in package !

    after all these msgs I waited for too long, but nothing happens. I repeated this many times, but it stucks after this and I am not able to write any new ROM anyhow on my phone.

    I am really really in big trouble as this is my only phone and I am really depressed. Plz can anyone just help me with how to proceed to write a new or any old ROM on my phone? I will be really thankful

  7. Open the folder “2577” and find the file “850_GAX_SD_Enc.bin” and rename it to “850_GAX_SD.bin”

  8. please do provide me step by step flash procedure to P320 i want to update with 6.5.
    when i start i finf on screen BTRL 3.1 And thn it HowesRom 4.15.0_0926 _wwe_wwe and wm is 6.1and one can mail me detail on please.

  9. Hi,
    I have installed the ROM with FLASH_23016_010809.rar (6.5) but some issue like i cant hear while making a call.

    Can you please prove the like to download the latest ROM- WM6.5.... Please...


  10. where is the link for 23549???

  11. Download 23549 from here:

    Rename the file to a FLASH.BIN & put it in root of SD Card. Perform F/W will load correctly.

    Install SPB Mobile Shell 3.x after upgrade & u will get all goodies.

  12. could you please update the download link for windows mobile 6.5? today is down.

  13. pls post the download link for WM6.5 again, I see all links are down/file has been removed.