Thursday, November 19, 2009

Asus Missed Call Problem Windows Mobile 6.5

If you are one people who flashed to Windows Mobile 6.5 but have a problem that your missed calls are not getting recorded properly. Often it will show a much older call that you have missed instead of the latest one.

I have faced these issues across various builds of Windows Mobile 6.5 such as 23004 / 23016 / 23085 to the extent I often went back to the stock version of 6.1 because I couldn't afford to not know who had called me.

I would like to credit Rayraven from the Winmo forum for helping me resolve this. By adding a patch file to the windows startup this solves the issue. The file is called ks20.exe as it would built for that phone where users faced the same problem.

The original file is posted on Xda, I have however mirrored it here for ease of use. The program on running will consume little bit of system resources and will only be visible in the task manager process view as seen below.

The file is located here

Put it in the following location

My Device --> Windows --> Startup

The article about flashing to windows mobile 6.5 is located here

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  1. Hi, I bought the Asus P750 phone running wm 6.1, i am newbie when it comes to upgrade of rom's, where do i find a good windows 6.5 rom for Asus P750 and upgrade steps ? what are the risks in upgrading i mean what mistakes will cause the phone to get spoilt, please help !

  2. but buddy, how sure r u?? tht the missed call problem is solved with ks20 patch.. im not.. so i rverted back to 6.1 and using SPB mobile shell 3and iconsoft phonex .. works great and looks great too...

  3. upgraded to 6.5. no java suport plz help

  4. @shyam

    ROMs are device specific so you need to find a ROM for your particular model.

    Try using java midlet, it may run some stuff

    Am pretty sure, the right calls are getting recorded, sometime it shows the same call double but fine with me. I believe the patch also writes into the log hence the double entry.

  5. After Upgrade 6.5 How can restore 6.1 rom on P 320

  6. hiii, sry off topic.
    What software do you use for GPS? i couldn't get any working on my P320 :( . There are any good one freeware (and working?).

  7. @david brown

    I use Google Maps on my Asus P320, Its really fast and works great, however it needs a data connection to keep downloading the maps. What you could do is browse the place you want to visit while at home using wifi or your computer and google maps will cache the map in memory.

  8. I am sorry to say the link u provided is dead plz reupload the file or give the link to that file in xda .....

  9. @player

    Which link, the missed call file is very much there on mediafire

  10. yes i am talking about the missed call file well at my end when i am clicking the mediafire link it says invalid or deleted file.... please check

    i am having probs with my call logs

    perhaps the link is dead but the file is still in your mediafire acc. plz check

    ok i have found the file in xda forums the link for the call log problem i.e. for the ks20 patch file is here

    thank you

  11. can any one please tell me where to download WM 6.1 ROM please..!!