Monday, November 29, 2010

End of a great Run ...

Dear All,

I haven't been updating this page in some time, am writing to you all to let you know that I have sold my Asus P320 and move onto an Android phone LG Optimus One.

It was quite an amazing two years with this phone and am sure many of you will also slowly move on to others. Till then I will still moderate comments on the blog to prevent spam from getting added.

Cheers !!


  1. thats good .. change is always good ..

    dear i have a problem with my mobile battery

    it has fattened and is bulging from the center and also if i charge it fully and then use it in mobile it automatically shuts down the mobile even 50 % battery is left...

    plz help me i am in pakistan and i cannot find any battery for it...
    the mobile phone repair man suggested to replace its "cells" that are inside the battery and have the same casing of the battery .. but i dont know whether its good to do so or not... and is there any other alternative ?

    plz email me at

  2. @above

    Trying to change the cells does carry an inherent risk of fusing your device if the voltage / current is not exactly matching. There must be some service center in your country as well, I would think it is your best bet. I had the same problem with the battery and that was one of the main reason to switch. It used to power off at 60 % as well, basically the life of battery is through.

  3. ok to be precise the mobile shuts at 62 % and it has the latest firmware.. but as its battery is bulging so i think that inlyt a correct battery will tel whetger its some bug or hardware problem.. but in pakistan [ in islamabad particularly ] there is no asus authorized dealer and i could not find the replacement battery.. only hope is to search in karachi/lahore,,where i have no means to search for..

    what i would like to know is that since liion cels work at 3.7 volts and so are the asus battery cells[ infact cell as it has just one of it..] would itt be ok to go for cell swap.. as the repairmen[many many infact] suggested to go for it.. but the main question is whether it is ok.. ?

    btw how much its battery cost u ? in INR or preferably USD ? and is there any other battery that can fit and work with it .. some china phone ?

    any help in this regard would be really appreciated..

  4. thanks for ur advice..
    i have done the cels replacement , got the cell from original nokia abl-5c battery and used it with the old charging/protection circuits.. it was taken from an aftermareket 1200mah battery.. now it ha been a week since i have done it.. and it is running fine..

    but i face another problrm here..
    i do not have a vharger for it.. i am currently charging it through usb cable.. and it is very slow. so for i have tried three nokia chargers with the this set [after attaching the correct usb connector pin] but non is working ,, the pin convereter is ok..
    so can u plzz tel me what are the vpolts and currents outputs of original charger.. i will be very thankfull.. also if u could mention the correct charger name / model ..

  5. awesome articles u had!

    plan to start lg optimus one blogspot?
    even i was looking for a budget android phone...
    looks like this is a good bet right? ofcoz you would have done a thorough review before buying ..

  6. Vikram,

    Thanks for the great blog site on our P320. Even i have moved to Android OS now, using Xperia mini X10 with 2.1 OS now. Do you have any plans to open a blog site for Android mobiles, if so please do let me know. Let share the best apps available on Android OS.

  7. asus p320 is very nice model iam useing this peace good options good information on this site...

  8. Replacing your phone for better is great, but maybe changing your site isn't. Your site comes up among the first for the asus p320 wm6.5 keywords, and I think you should try to maintain this blog. You could monetize it quite well with adsense and such.. But now that you sold your phone you can't write new posts about it and it is sad to go a blog this big go down.. Just my 2 cents

  9. hey vikram , how much u lg optimus for?? this ones wid 3G or wht ?

  10. @sHaSHI

    Its 10k now, got it for 12.5 around 6 months back. Really awesome device, yes it has 3G on it.

  11. Hi Vikram,

    I have broken the screen of my Asus P320 and need to pull out the data (primarily contacts and SMS) from it. The phone is otherwise working and I can see contents of the phone on my PC using WinSync. I don't really want to spend any money on its repair. Can you help.



    1. Use SPB backup for Contacts, SMS and Call records...

  12. @Geebee

    Use Activesync to sync your contacts with Outlook so you can save them. For the sms bit, there should be an app that can back this up.

    Try using Mymobiler to control the device to do this installation.

    Hope that help !

  13. I use it several months, it is really cooldevice,any problems I didn't have,cool thing!