Friday, July 31, 2009

Asus P320 Web Camera

It is possible to use your windows Mobile as a Web camera. This would work even if you have upgraded your OS version to Windows Mobile 6.5

There are multiple applications out there and you could do a google search for the same. The one I am talking about is called Ateksoft WebCamera Plus, you could get a trial download here

It installs a component your computer that lets you view the capture of your mobile camera on your screen. It would need you to be connected to your mobile with activesync running.

There is also a component that gets installed on your device, you could choose to install either on device or on the storage card. You should run the Web Camera Plus application that has just got installed.

It would open up an application that you could see below

It will show whatever the camera is currently pointing ...

The menu options are simple enough, have taken a shot of that as well. You just need to click on start and your good to go. Make sure the PC software is also running.

Hope this is helpful, the main article on this mobile is located here

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  1. Hi Vikram,
    Very nice app find by you there. Good hunting!

    Meanwhile, aren't there any free apps? I would love to have one even if it is a bit buggy. Would be thankful if you get one and if I get one, I would be more than happy to post it here.

    Also, you could add installing Windows SideShow to ASUS P320. See my link below to see screenies of it working.

    Everyone would be happy to see an article on that. I would have loved to write it but then your blog, you choose. Till then, have fun and I will post more updates if I get something interesting.

  2. @Ankush

    Thanks for the comment, I saw your post on winmo even before I moderated this comment of yours :) Slideshow sounds interesting unfortunately am on xp so I can't try it out :( If you want I can put up your post over here for other people with credit to you... Let me know ...

  3. Hi Vikram,
    Typo error there - it's SideShow, not Slideshow. :D

    Not a problem with that. I will write you an article for that. Can you give me your e-mail ID? You can find it in my profile here-

    I write lots of stuff. I am actually a tech freak really. Recently, bought my new ASUS P320 from my own money which makes it even more exciting. I am doing a lot of research to get the best app. Will write for a few more alongwith Windows SideShow. Get yourself Windows 7 RC to try SideShow. You will love it.

  4. I'm a p320 owner and this blog has helped me allot. I stumbled upon a great task manager that makes multitasking on the phone easy. It's called Task Facade and can be found here:

    Keep up the good work!

  5. ny1 got drivers for windows 7 for p320....

  6. Hi Saifullah,
    No drivers are required for Windows 7. If you are talking about working your P320 in Windows 7, then just download Windows Mobile Device Center and you are done.

    If you are talking about the Web Camera drivers, they aren't needed. Just run the setup and that's it. Use the software installed both in your P320 and PC in conjunction together and you are done.

  7. hey vikram , which version of 6.5 ure using rite now... ?? and is it free of those call bugs??
    nice appli. btw..

  8. Hi Shashi,
    Currently, both me and Vikram are using this version-

    It is quite good although a note of advice. Some people are facing lots of bugs with this build like missed call and not hearing during calls problem but some lucky like me are not facing anything in these builds. So the thing I want to tell you is that when you go to test it, please remember that many complications might arrive. It would be a good thing to know all about WM 6.5 upgrade before going for it so as to minimise headaches after install. All the best then and hope you like the new build.

  9. hey cool app
    could you use this as a webcam?
    thanx :)